Matteo Balani

Specialized in the courses of Berklee College of Music, he deepened his studies with Michael Manring, Brian Beller, Adam Nitti and with Lorenzo Feliciati and Maurizio Rolli.
After collaborating with Yamaha Music School, he professionally embarked on the path of teaching. Since 1996 he has been a teacher of electric bass (4, 5 strings, fretless), theory, harmony and ensemble music. Since 2014 he has become a licensed teacher of all levels for the Bass to Rock Academy.
For the prestigious publishing house Volontè & Co he has published two teaching methods in his name: Simple Bass Method and Self-taught Bass Method and is a translator of the following manuals: "Concepts of Bass Soloing" by Chuck Sher and Marc Johnson, “Il Libro del Basso Latin” by Chuck Sher and Oscar Stagnaro, "Slap It" by Tony Hoppenheim.
he has held clinics and educational seminars throughout Italy: SIM, Disma Music Show, Bass Line Music Shop, Second Hand Guitars, Music Wall and at numerous music schools and has published articles on electric bass for the Musical Instruments magazine .
Lately he has collaborated live and / or in the studio with: Alice Lu (Anastacia, Disney, X Factor, Lucio Fabbri), Eleonora Crupi (Amici), Osvaldo Di Dio (Cristiano De Andrè, Mario Venuti), Salvatore Cafiero (Dolcenera, Gianluca Grignani), Daniele Perini (Garbo, Tullio De Piscopo), Federico Paulovich (Paul Di Anno, Destrage), Lola Feghaly (Fiorello, Celentano), Giorgio Palombino (Demo Morselli, Fabio Concato), Fabio Casali (Yamaha artist ), Alex Giallombardo (RAI), Jgor Gianola (Gotthard, UDO), Marco Parenti (Paolo Rossi, Compagnia della Rancia), Emanuela Gramaglia (Fiorella Mannoia), Francesco Jovino (UDO, Hardline), Johnny Pozzi (Roby Facchinetti, Marco Carta ), Clara Serina (Knights of the King), Alessandro Carlà (Zucchero), Mario Natale (Sanremo), Paola Caridi (Laura Bono, Fedez), RecLab Studios, Ace (Skunk Anansie) and many others ...
It is currently on tour with Dario Ballantini.

• 2000 University of Milan - Degree.
• 2002 Umbria Jazz Clinics in collaboration with Berklee College of Music.
• 2010 Berklee College of Music - Master on Improvisation.
• 2013 Berklee College of Music - Refresher Course in Songwriting.
• 2013 Berklee College of Music - Refresher Course on Improvisation.

For the publishing house Volontè & Co:
• "Method of self-taught bass" book + CD (author) 2011.
• "Concepts of Bass Soloing "by Chuck Sher and Marc Johnson (translator) 2012.
•" The Latin Bass Book "by Chuck Sher and Oscar Stagnaro (translator) 2013.
•" Simple method for bass "(author ) 2014.