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Twin Buckle TS Stone Washed Black 7 cm Brass "Sun" Buckles

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Leather Guitar and Bass Strap Twin Buckles TS Stone Washed Black 7 cm
- High quality genuine leather
- Certified vegetable tanned leather
- Washing with stones and rocks, manual cremation and polishing
- 100% Made in Italy
- Light cotton stitching <
- "Sun" Buckles in Aged Brass finish
- Width 7 cm
- Adjustable length from from 86 to 162 cm thanks to the 4 standard modular tails

VALID UNTIL 30.04.2021 


Magrabò Guitar Straps
Stone Washed
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  The Magrab√≤ Twin Buckles TS Stone Washed line of guitar and bass straps has been   made thinking of the guitars of the artisan luthiers, of those of the epoch or   vintage. To the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship, common to all   Magrab√≤ products, we have added special washing and drying processes   which also use stones and rocks, giving the surface of the leather an appearance   aged to say the least wonderful.

  The color shades obtained are unique and characterize each specimen,   making it unique even among 100 other pieces of the same line.

  The main feature of the treatment "Stone Washed" is in   washing with stones, which is carried out on the finished, sewn, complete the strap of all its elements.

  This process ensures that all the materials that make up the strap, through   washing and drying are transformed by bringing back the indelible marks   typical of wear and the passage of time.

  After drying, the shoulder strap is softened through a process   dry barrel (drumming) which makes it even softer and more comfortable.

  The manual cremation and polishing of each piece give light and life to the straps   Stone Washed making them ideal companions for guitars and guitarists.  

 The Magrab√≤ Twin Buckles TS Stone Washed guitar and bass straps are made with one  layer of Genuine Italian Leather Certified by the Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany and a layer of suede to ensure excellent stability instrument and perfect comfort on stage. They are sewn along the perimeter.

Italian Design, clean and original style, light, soft,   excellent ergonomics and high comfort ‚Äúon stage‚Äù (the strap adapts to the shape of your build naturally). 

  100% Hand Made in Italy, each leather is handmade with traditional craft techniques.

 Adjustment range of the strap with standard medium tail supplied (size M) 86 & lt; - & gt; 162 cm

The strap is supplied with 4 additional tails to be used to cover lengths   from 86 to 162 cm

   N.B. The   product could dye in case of contact with water, sweat or other liquids, as the leather has not been subjected to chemical treatments against humidity in order to preserve its naturalness.


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