Codice: 251.016M - EAN: 8058269421120

Stripe SS Core Black 6 cm "Recta" Silver Buckle

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Leather Guitar and Bass Strap Stripe SS Core Black 6 cm
- High quality genuine leather
- Certified vegetable tanned leather
- 100% Made in Italy
- Black cotton stitching
- "Recta" Buckle in Aged Silver Finish
- Width 6 cm
- Adjustable length from 96 to 151 cm
- Available on request a long tail to regulate the strap from 114 to 169 cm


Magrabò Guitar Straps
6 cm
Vera pelle Concia al vegetale

  The Guitar and Bass Straps Stripe SS (Sewed), are a stylistic reinterpretation   of the "Classic" ribbon model in which, the Magrabò Style Lab, has   chosen to highlight the Quality of Italian Genuine Leather with Vegetable Tanning   in Certified Tuscany

Like all shoulder straps “Sewed“ they are composed of two layers (Certified Vegetable Tanned Leather in Tuscany above and a layer of micro-fiber below), joined and stitched together.


 Thanks to the continuously adjustable buckle they can be adapted in length   with millimeter precision, allowing anyone to find the best positioning   of the instrument.

  Continuous adjustment range of the strap from 96 cm to 151 cm

  Each shoulder strap is handmade with traditional craft techniques.