Codice: 430.100M - EAN: 8058269420802

Signature Capitan Fede BS Embossed Girfo Bronze 2,7 cm Ed. 2019

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Leather Guitar and Bass Strap Signature Capitan Fede BS Embossed Grifo Bronze 2,7 cm
- High quality genuine leather
- Certified vegetable tanned leather
- Visible surface with aged leather design
- 100% Made in Italy
- Light cotton stitching
- Width 2,7 cm
- Adjustable length from 105 to 142 cm
- The Strap bears the “Capitan Fede” mark


Magrabò Guitar Straps
2.7 cm
Vera pelle Concia al vegetale

  The Magrabò Signature Guitar and Bass Straps were created to accommodate the requests of the artists,   they concretize and solve precise personalization needs (technical and aesthetic),   becoming a distinctive element that integrates perfectly with the musician's on stage look. This model was designed for Federico Poggipollini who wanted one   very narrow strap (less than 3 cm), but at the same time adjustable as   the other models. .

The straps are made with one layer of Genuine Italian Leather Certified by the Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany and a layer of suede to ensure excellent stability instrument and perfect comfort on stage. They are sewn along the perimeter.
Italian Design, clean and original style, light, soft,   excellent ergonomics and high comfort ‚Äúon stage‚Äù (the strap adapts to the shape of your build naturally). 

  100% Hand Made in Italy, each leather is handmade with traditional craft techniques.

  Adjustment range of the strap with standard medium tail supplied (size M) 105 & lt; - & gt; 142 cm

  Possibility to order an optional pigtail to obtain the following lengths:

  - Short pigtail (size S) 90 & lt; - & gt; 118 cm

  - Long pigtail (size L) 125 & lt; - & gt; 162 cm

   N.B. The   product could dye in case of contact with water, sweat or other liquids, as the leather has not been subjected to chemical treatments against humidity in order to preserve its naturalness.

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