Pino Bitetti

Born on February 22, 1970 in Paterno (PZ), at the age of ten he is holding a cheap Eko classical guitar, a gift from his grandparents to his sister ... love at first sight. Completely self-taught (apart from the first musical rudiments imparted to him by a friend of his country), he is formed during the years of study through the persistence of the Rock-Blues classics, from Steve Ray Vaughan, to the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and a few others.

In 1990 he enrolled at the '' LA SAPIENZA '' University of Rome, and a few years later he graduated in Architecture.

During the years of university studies, he continues to play, compose and arrange songs for various artists who require his 'OLD' way of playing the "ROCK" ... blood and body, Warm & Old Style.

During his stay in the capital (where he still lives) he has the good fortune to meet and often collaborate with various artists of national and world renown such as ... Maurizio Solieri (his true teacher), Federico Poggipollini, Massimo Riva, Max cottafavi, Ligabue, Mango, Robert Plant, BB King, and many others…

Particularly inclined to promote talented young artists with a 70's sound, he continues to pursue various musical projects with well-known artists and new talents and Power Tribute Band.