Simone Gianlorenzi is a famous musician, husband of Stefania Orlando.
Over the years Simone has managed to establish himself in the world of music, both nationally and internationally, collaborating with many successful artists: Anna Oxa, Briga, Different twins and many more

Simone Gianlorenzi

Simone Gianlorenzi is a famous musician both nationally and internationally, in fact his songs are known all over the world.
Simone is more precisely a great guitarist, since he was a child in fact he has a huge passion for this instrument that today has made him an important person in the music scene.
His personality is multifaceted and chameleonic, in fact in his life he is not just a guitarist but he is engaged in various sectors as a teacher, arranger, session man and composer.
His musical career took off in 1997, in his repertoire there is a bit of everything, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues etc. and after a very short time it also becomes the spearhead of various schools, among the most famous it is possible to mention: Lizard, Tour Music Fest, Roma Rock School, Sonus Factory.

As a guitarist, Simone Gianlorenzi, had the opportunity to play together with many famous personalities of music.
Simone has in fact opened many successful lives, such as that of Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Kee Marcello and plays several times with Anastacia.

Among the big Italians, however, Simone Gianlorenzi boasts some performances with Anna Oxa, Briga, Gemelli Divers, Gerardina Trova.

Simone Gianlorenzi plays in several television programs all over the world;
One of her best known albums of hers is "About Her2", released in 2015 and containing 8 songs.

A few months ago he released his cover of Left Outside Alone, Anastacia's catchphrase and Between 2019 and 2020 he went on tour together with Anastacia.

he is professor of pop guitar at the conservatory "G.Martucci" in Salerno and the conservatory "N. Rota ”of Monopoli;
lui He has participated in the magazine“ Chitarre ”since 1999.