Defined "The future of Italian Fingerstyle" by the prestigious Chitarra Acustica magazine, Pierangelo Mugavero has an intense concert activity that led him to play throughout Italy and beyond, in 2017 he was chosen for the final of the GUITAR MASTERS in Poland among over 1000 guitarists from all over the world.

Pierangelo Mugavero

Pierangelo Mugavero began his career from a very young age graduating in classical guitar and then specializing in the fingerstyle technique, but his eclectic style leads him to also look at other musical genres, in fact he collaborates with Nada, one of the most important and recognized Italian voices and some among the most important national Folk-Rock bands such as Paranza Vibes and Zeketam.

In addition to carrying out an intense teaching activity in the Campania region, he graduated in Jazz guitar and it is thanks to his Jazz studies that Pierangelo broadens his musical language by ranging between various genres and making his Live Show a real journey through music and cultures from all over the world. world.

He performs in prestigious festivals and reviews such as “A.D.G.P.A. Italy”, “Madame Guitar”, “Ferentino Acustica Festival”, “Un Paese a Sei Corde”, “National Forum of Music (Poland)”; he shares the stage and collaborates with great musicians such as Francesco Buzzurro, Dario Deidda, Andrea Valeri, Osvaldo di Dio and Carlo Fimiani, just to name a few.

Defined as "the future of Italian Fingerstyle" by the prestigious Acoustic Guitar magazine, he writes articles focused on fingerstyle techniques for the magazines "Axe", "Chitarre", "Guitar Club", "MusicOff", and is a professor of acoustic guitar for the Lizard of Fiesole and for the Centro Studi Fingerstyle in Arezzo, as well as being an endorser for the brands "Magrabò", "Controne Custom Guitars", "Wambooka", "RonniePedalBoard", "Essetipicks" and "Eko Guitars".

Since 2019 he has formed an artistic partnership with MASSIMO VARINI who becomes the artistic producer of MUGA DANCE (February 2020) and STATI D'ANIMO (May 2021). In 2022 FINGERSTYLE LIFE is released, a teaching method for Fingerstyle guitar, produced by the FINGERPICKING.NET publishing house and distributed in all bookstores by EDIZIONI CURCI and always with the same label, in 2023 he publishes his fifth Fingerstyle guitar Album entitled "Travel Notes ...".

Solo Album:
- St. Antonio Rag (Bit&Sound 2015)
- Fingerstyle Invasion (, 2017)
- Muga Dance (Kymotto Rec 202