"My favorite strap is the Holes HS Stone Washed Brown model, both 6 cm and 8 cm, the latter I use for my heavier guitars.
I love its vintage look and I find it fits my body shape very naturally.
It is handmade in the Marche region with genuine vegetable tanned leather; a high quality product, 100% Made in Italy!"

Jazz, Blues, Fusion: there is all this in Mimmo Langella's guitar!

Mimmo Langella

Neapolitan guitarist and composer born in 1968, started to play guitar at age 12. His study experiences include the "Berklee Summer School" at Umbria Jazz Clinics '86, the "Professional Guitar Player Program" of the Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) of Hollywood where he graduated with honors in 1994, the "Bachelor's Degree in Jazz" and the "Master's Degree in Jazz" of the "San Pietro a Majella" Conservatoire of Naples where he graduated with honors in 2007 and 2009, respectively, and the "Master's Degree in Jazz Guitar" of the "Domenico Cimarosa" Conservatoire of Avellino where he graduated with full marks in 2015. Besides he has attended workshops and has played in session with Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Jeff Richman, Don Mock, Norman Brown, Joe Diorio, Ron Eschete, Gary Willis, Steve Bailey, Tim Landers and Jim Hall among others.

He has four solo records to his credit, "The Other Side" (self-produced, '02; Smoothnotes Publishing, 2012), "Funk That Jazz" (self-produced, '08; Smoothnotes Publishing, 2012) featuring Scott Henderson, "Soul Town" (GBMUSIC, 2012) and "A Kind of Sound" (GBMUSIC, 2018), and the tune "Jonathan il gabbiano" published on the "Sotto Tiro" compilation (Southern Groove Records, '96; Smoothnotes Publishing, 2012). 

He played in various jazz festivals including "Jazz Insieme '95, I Edition" (S. Antonio Abate, NA), "Gezz in Villa 2003, VI Edition" (Torremaggiore, FG), "La Notte Bianca a Napoli 2006", "Marechiaro Jazz Festival 2007, III Edition" (Naples), "I Cortili del jazz, 2007" (Capodimonte Museum, Naples), "Re Ladislao Jazz Festival 2007, II Edition" (Naples), "Pertosa Jazz e Dintorni 2009" (Auletta, SA), "J.A.M. Jazzin' Andria Music Fest 2010" (Andria, BT), "Vico Jazz Festival 2010, X Edition" (Vico Equense, NA), "DiVino Jazz Festival 2011, VIII Edition" (Pompei, NA), "Estate a Napoli 2012. Un mare di idee in città" (Maschio Angioino, Naples), "Caerula Nox Festival 2013" (Casamassima, BA), "R… Estate in Città 2017" (Cloister of the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, Afragola, NA), "Jazzit Fest#7 2019" (Le Lune Bistrot, Pompei, NA) and "Pomigliano Jazz Festival 2019, XXIV Edizione" (Anfiteatro Romano di Avella, AV). 

As sideman he worked in the orchestra of the "Dopofestival di Sanremo '98" (RAIUNO), the "Festival di Napoli" 2001 and 2003 editions (RETEQUATTRO), "Ciao 2000" (RAIDUE) and "Io non t'ho mai chiesto niente" (CANALE 5) television shows and in the orchestra of the "Festa di Piedigrotta" 2008 edition; he played in the festival "Ciao 2000" the New Year's Day in Naples taken by RAIUNO with Nino D'Angelo and Lucio Dalla. Besides that he took part in "Scherzi a parte" (ITALIA 1) and played at the ninth edition of the "Premio Città di Recanati" taken by RAIDUE, he also played in the "Taratatà" (RAIUNO), "La vita in diretta" (RAIUNO), "Serata con…" (VIDEOITALIA) and in the 32th edition of "Napoli prima e dopo" (RAIUNO) television shows.

As session man he played on the "Aitanic" soundtrack (Sony Music, 2000), on the CD "Fratelli d'Itano - Nuie Simme Tresc" (R.T.I. Music, '98), on the Marcello Coleman CDs "Rena Nera" (Living Arts, '99), "Naif" (Oiné, '05) that he produced too and on the "Italian Reggae Tribute" compilation (Groove Recording Studio, '06). He also played on the Guido Russo CDs "Music For Images" (EDI Music, '05) and "Spirit Guajira" (Machiavelli Music/Smoothnotes, 2012), on the Vito Ranucci CDs "Killing The Classics" (CNI, 2013) and "Napoli Inferno & Paradiso" (CNI, 2019), on the Nino D'Angelo DVD and CD "Concerto anni 80... e non solo" (Di.Elle.O., 2015), on the Nino D'Angelo DVD "Concerto 6.0" (Universal Music, 2017), on the Mario Castiglia albums "A un passo dalle nuvole" (Snapmusic, 2018) and "Posti nascosti" (Oiné, 2018).

His tune "Green Tuesday", the opening track of "Soul Town" album, is included in the soundtrack of the RAIUNO fiction "Baciato dal sole". He participated in "Core Pazzo", a theater show with Nino D'Angelo directed by Laura Angiulli shown in the first national night at the Mercadante Theater of Naples in December 1996. He wrote the music for "Tintura di Iodice", a Peppe Iodice theater show written by C. Taranto and shown in the first national night at the Sannazaro Theater of Naples in March 1998, and conducted the orchestra and wrote the music for "Semprinzieme", another Peppe Iodice theater show written by Peppe Iodice, Nello Iorio and Lello Marangio and shown in the first national night at the Acacia Theater of Naples in February 2008.

Very active in the educational field, he has written the "Pentatonic Pyromania - Tecnica e Fraseggio per Chitarra Pop-Rock, Jazz e Fusion" guitar book (fingerpicking.net, 2019), he is professor of "Pop-Rock Guitar" at the "Nicola Sala" Conservatoire of Music in Benevento since 2016-2017 academic year, he has been a "GUITAR C.A.P. s.t." and "Hi Guitar School 2003" of Rome teacher, the "Ischia Summer Guitar Workshop 2007" teacher and was the Scott Henderson assistant at the clinic given in Naples in 1994. 

He’s an "AXE" magazine contributor and columnist.