This artistic personalization realized on Artist Private Stock Magrabò Straps is hand painted by the italin artist Raffaele Gerardi on certified unique edition.

Straps are rigorously hand painted, one by one, with same colors used for the coloring of leather, which guarantee endurance, worthness and vivacity of colors during the time, leaving the surface of leather at its natural state.

Each piece carries the artist’s sign and the date of manufacturing direclty on the strap.

Moreover the strap is accompained by the certificate of authenticity of magrabò, signed and dated by the artist.

Those straps preserve the creative inspiration of the artist, fixing a unique and irreplaceable moment, making each single piece precious, with a high value. 

Exclusive paintings, unique pieces, with which you can make unique each perfomance, in  he company of your instrument. 

Their originality is the distinct sign of this precious line of artistic straps. 

High quality genuine bovine leather painted on the visible side, suede on the lower side with a perimetral sewing of light cotton, made after manual coloring.

Paintings of this series are uniques, products  are published online soon after realizing. 

Because of the uniqueness of products, the availability of delivery is limited only to pieces published online.