Magrabò Style Lab researches, develops and realizes new ideas, new items and accessories intended to improve and enrich the lives of our customers. A creative forge of design and craftsmanship at the service of the poets of music and their magic. We choose leather with care and great responsibility to create unique shoulder straps, each with its own distinctive style. The Magrabò creations differ in Line and Material/Finishes. In this wide range, the musician will be able to find the right product for his instrument and for his image.

First of all we want to introduce you to our Raw Material: Leather

Vegetable tanning is the most traditional and recognizable; the only one capable of imparting unmistakable properties to the leather, versatility of use and uniqueness of the product.

Magrabò adheres to the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany that brings together 22 artisan tanneries of the Tuscan Leather District determined to protect their niche and high quality product and united by the same production philosophy closely linked to the territory.


Core Finish

The shoulder bags with Core finish are made using high quality cowhide with Vegetable Tanning in Certified Tuscany.
These leathers are tanned with the traditional vegetable method, a process based on the use of natural tannins from trees, on new technologies and on the slow passage of time.
The end result is of a very high quality and aesthetic level, as well as on-stage comfort that you have never experienced before.
These shoulder straps are extremely soft and comfortable, ensuring hours of performance for the musician without particular efforts and interesting chromatic combinations of the on stage look.


Embossed finish

Embossed finishes are made of high quality genuine cowhide, tanned in Italy, which is processed with advanced finishing techniques or in bas-relief printing giving the leather a perfect aesthetic to combine with numerous types of guitars and basses.
The final result is of a very high qualitative and aesthetic level, accompanied by a surprising comfort on stage.


Aged Finish

The leather with Aged finish is made of high quality genuine cowhide, tanned in Italy with particular finishes that give the Magrabò shoulder straps a very irregular aged or textured appearance, allowing effective and original combinations with guitars and basses of all kinds.


Metallic Finish

The Metallic series shoulder bags are made of high quality genuine cowhide, with a metallic surface in different colors.

The leather is tanned with the same process as Vegetable Tanning, followed by a metallic lamination at the end of the production.
The metallizing treatment is of the highest quality and tenacity.
These models are particularly suitable to combine with guitars such as, for example: Les Paul GoldTop and other famous models.

Available colors: Steel - Silver - Bronze - Gold


Stone Washed Finish

The aged finish of Stone Washed straps was formalized thinking about guitars of artisan lutists, vintage guitars, Custom shop, Custom Shop Relic e Heavy Relic series of the main manufacturers.
To the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship (common to all Magrabò products), we added up particular processes of washing and drying which use stone and rocks to the quality of leather and production, common for every product of Magrabò , giving the leather surface an amazing vintage aspect. 
The shades obtained from this process are unique, they characterize each strap to be the only one, even among 100 pieces of the same line, just as it happens to hand made guitars, like Custom Shop, Master Built, Relic, ecc…which have unique colors, finishes, sound and maneuverability.
The principal characteristic of Stone Washed line is the washing of the straps with stone and rocks, which is applied to ended straps. This process makes possible the union of all the materials, which compose the strap, to be the distinct sign of ageing and run of time.
When the strap is dried, it is softened through a dry process in barrels, which gives straps more softeness and comfort. At the end of the work, the application of a protective cream, the manual polishing and the milling of the edges of each piece, give light and life to the Stone Washed straps making them ideal companions for rank guitars.


Artist Private Stock processing

This artistic personalization realized on Artist Private Stock Magrabò Straps is hand painted by the italin artist Raffaele Gerardi on certified unique editionStraps are rigorously hand painted, one by one, with same colors used for the coloring of leather, which guarantee endurance, worthness and vivacity of colors during the time, leaving the surface of leather at its natural state.
Each piece carries the artist’s sign and the date of manufacturing direclty on the strap. Moreover the strap is accompained by the certificate of authenticity of magrabò, signed and dated by the artist. Those straps preserve the creative inspiration of the artist, fixing a unique and irreplaceable moment, making each single piece precious, with a high value.
Exclusive paintings, unique pieces, with which you can make unique each perfomance, in  he company of your instrument. Their originality is the distinct sign of this precious line of artistic straps. 
High quality genuine bovine leather painted on the visible side, suede on the lower side with a perimetral sewing of light cotton, made after manual coloring. Paintings of this series are uniques, products  are published online soon after realizing. 

Because of the uniqueness of products, the availability of delivery is limited only to pieces published online.


Paint and Art Paint Finishes

Paint and Art Paint working are realized hand painting high quality bovine leather, with different paint techniques.

Leather is painted before the final cut of the strap. We use the same leather of HS Core series, preserving the same comfort and wearing.
Art Paint series are hand painted by the italian artist Raffaele Gerardi, who interprets and paints casual texture and themes, result of careful studies of forms and matches of colors.
An emotional approach, arising during the artistic performances, transforms a piece of fine leather into an artwork.
Once the pictorial phase is over, the skins are expertly cut in order to create different guitar straps from the single initial piece, "unique" and "sisters" guitar straps, each with its own identity and character!
Paintings of this series are unique pieces, they are produced one at the time and uploaded online soon after realizing.

Because of the uniqueness of products, the availability is limited only to pieces published online.


Print and Art Print processes

The Print and Art Print series are made in direct color printing, on genuine leather Guitar Straps of high quality Made in Italy, using the latest generation digital printing technologies.
We use the same fine leathers as the Holes series shoulder straps, while maintaining the same convenience, wearability and comfort.
The Art Print series in particular is made using original drawings, by artists and designers, created specifically for Magrabò Guitar Straps.