In its mysteriousness, the Stripe SS Core hides so many facets, so many details and so much history that we want to tell it like this, like the Total Black you don't expect.

A single piece of leather.

Our Vegetable Tanned Leather, certified by the Tuscan Consortium "Genuine Leather" .
With more than 500 years of history, vegetable tanned leather ages, changes, slightly changes its color, endures injuries and bad weather, showing them in the form of scratches and wrinkles.

A single color.

Above, a strip of leather gives refinement and underneath, the microfiber guarantees the right versatility of movement on stage.
A buckle for a millimeter adjustment and black contour stitching.
These are the characteristics of this Total Black by Magrabò.

A single emotion.

The Stripe SS Core is synonymous with safety, comfort and elegance and is the ambassador of that emotion that only Magrabò can convey!

Technical features

The Stripe SS Core Black model guitar strap is produced using a 140 cm long strip of Vegetable Tanned Leather in Tuscany, Certified by the Genuine Leather Consortium.
On the underside a layer of black microfiber is used, resistant, stain-resistant and guarantees stability and movement during on stage performances.

It is sewn around the perimeter with black cotton stitching.

The "Recta Argento" buckle allows a quick and millimeter adjustment of the strap, reaching 151 cm in length.

The width of this model is 6 cm and the standard adjustment varies from 91 cm up to 151.
If you want to reach a greater length, a long tail can be ordered on request.

Discover them all!

The Stripe strap is also available in other variants!

Modello SS Core:

Leather Strap, with Vegetable Tanning Process, Certified in Tuscany, coupled with microfiber and sewn with Italian cotton.
"Recta" model buckle, with antique brass or antique silver finish

This model maintains a very elegant and design line by combining the colors of leather, microfiber and cotton interiors Very comfortable, soft and quick to adjust thanks to the buckle.

Modello SC Core:

Leather Strap, with Vegetable Tanning Process, Certified in Tuscany, single piece of leather without seams.

"Recta" buckle with Antique Brass or Antique Silver finish This model also maintains a clean and design line Very comfortable, soft and quick to adjust thanks to the buckle.

Sripe SS Core Nero Recta Argento Antico

Sripe SS Core Giallo Recta Ottone Antico

Sripe SS Core Brown Recta Aged Brass

Sripe SC Core Black Recta Aged Silver

Sripe SC Core Grey Recta Aged Silver

Sripe SC Core Grey Recta Aged Brass