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More thorougly about us

Vegetable Tanning Leather

"... For its products Magrabo' uses high quality raw materials and 100% Made in Italy ... 
... The leather acquires the characteristic of uniqueness that makes it distinguishable 
... The quality of Magrabo' guitar and bass straps has a controlled and certified supply chain ... "

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Focus on: Stone Washed

To create the Stone Washed straps, Magrabò has a recipe. 
Pair the hides as sandwiches, add a reinforcing layer between the two. 
Individually cut and sew each strap. 
He washes them with stones and rocks and polishes them with a special protective cream.

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Handcrafted stitching

"Sewing is one of the fundamental steps ....
... The uniqueness of the Magrabò guitar straps is also characterized by their manufacture .... 
... we are also dedicated to the creation of customizations " 

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Vintage is Beauty

We like to think that Genuine Leather is memory, experience and history and Magrabò takes care of the details with careful precision.
With the particular washing and drying processes chosen for its straps, Magrabò gives the leather surface an aged look that is nothing short of wonderful. 

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The lastes from the blog

Alex Britti and the Stripe SS Core

Stripe SS Core:
Mysterious as the artist she was born with

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Carnevale di Fano, the sweet home of Magrabò

"Magrabò was born in the small town of Fano, City of Fortune, ...  ... The new location is ready to be visited ...
... take advantage of a ride even among the floats of the sweetest and oldest Carnival in Italy? "

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Black Friday Magrabo

"From November 21 to 28 have fun combining different models to get a super discount on your order!"

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Magrabo' s Outlet

From today you can buy the last pieces of the previous Magrabò collections at a super advantageous price with discounts up to 30%!

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Holes HS H4 for Federico Poggipollini

The first model of guitar strap born from the collaboration between Magrabò and guitarist Federico Poggipollini 

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Chicco Gussoni, our new Friend!

#Magrabofamily keeps growing!

Today with our new Friend Chicco Gussoni!

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Our friend Marino Alberti and his new video

Marino Alberti, young and promising multi-instrumental songwriter, is the new Magrabo' s Friend.

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A Giant Leap: 50 years of man on moon

"Magrabò pays homage to the men of Apollo 11 who landed on the moon with the new numbered and limited series of guitar and bass straps Art Print Moon Limited" 

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Guitar Club talk about us

We share with you the article that talks about Magrabò in the sector magazine Guitar Club

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Guitarechnician talk about us

" ...a perfume caught my attention..."
So Guitartechnician, blog dedicated to musical instruments and musicians, begins to review our Brand

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The events

Music Show Milan 2019

After participating in the years 2017 - 2018, Magrabò confirms its presence at the SHG Music Show Milano 2019, one of the main Italian music fairs.

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Musica in Fiera Chieti 2019

Magrabò Guitar Straps will be present at "Musica In Fiera - The music fair" 2019 

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Music Wall 2019

Music is the protagonist, Music Wall - The Music Fair is more than an exhibition of modern violin making; it is the meeting place between big names in the sector and music lovers, between instrumentation professionals and competent admirers. 
This year Magrabò will wait for you with its creations at Casamatta 15

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Guitar Show Padua 2018

For the first time Magrabò Guitar Straps will be present at the Guitar Show 2018 in Padua. 
We will exhibit our products and some 2018 news!

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Music Show Milan 2017

For 25 years, SHG Musicshow has been the only Italian exhibition event for the sector of musical instruments with an international scope. 
We will be present at the MusicShow to present our Brand and to spend two days dedicated to music. 
Come and visit us in the Turquoise Room

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Magrabo and Irma Mirtilla - Musicis Formello

Saturday 16 December 2017 from 16.00 we will present our collections at the MUSICIS store in Formello (Roma)!
Together with us you will find:
- Guitarist Irma Mirtilla with her music
- Steve Tommasi inventor and producer of Essetipicks picks.

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Sales Network - New openings

Music In San Marino

We have chosen quality, tradition and experience. We have chosen Music In as the new Reseller. 

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Sergio Tomassone Rome

A store dedicated to musicians and all music fans. 

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Stripe SC Cotton

Ribbons in pure cotton, metal buckles and rings, terminals in Vegetable Tanned Leather in Tuscany. 
Stripe guitar and bass straps adapt in length with millimeter precision. 
Magrabo' is renewed with its unmistakable style.

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Keychain in genuine leather

A renewed keychain, not a simple accessory, but a creation of aesthetic and functional value that has become the protagonist of the musician's look, coordinated with the straps.

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HS Embossed Collection

From the tip to the tail of the strap the leather moves, it is alive, full of never equal movements. 
The models can be combined with any type of guitar and bass thanks to the wide choice of colors and textures

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Holes HS Aged 959

A video clip that opens to a cycle of insights on the Magrabò Guitar Straps professional guitar and bass straps.

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