On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of his nation,
Magrabò pays homage to his Italy with the creation of two HS PRINT series guitar straps:

Customize the the strap with your favorite flag!

How it works?

Write to info@magrabo.it indicating :

  •  Your name
  • The model of the strap you prefer *
  • The flag of the nation you would like printed on the strap.

Once we receive your request, we will reply with the instructions you need to customize your guitar strap

Customize Now

* The models provided for the personalizazions are:
– Holes HS Print 6 cm
– Holes HS Print 8 cm
– Holes HS Print 10 cm

Examples of Holes HS Print personalizations with French, Spanish and German flag

74 years of Italian Republic

02.06.1946 - 02.06.2020

...Following the institutional referendum on Sunday 2 and Monday 3 June 1946, called to determine the form of state to be given to Italy after the Second World War, for the first time women voted together with men to found the Italian Republic...