We like to think that Real Leather is memory, experience and history. Vintage for us is also this, the experience that every musician has in his repertoire, in his instrument, in his own music.

The experience is built, sewn, day after day, with patience, tenacity, passion and above all professionalism. Like the Magrabò shoulder bags, whose craftsmanship, which takes care of the details with careful precision and patient gestures, is also and above all impressed in the skin of which they are made. The new line of shoulder straps for guitar and bass Stone Washed was born from the most intense craftsmanship.
Made thinking of the guitars of luthiers and craftsmen, vintage or vintage ones, the Custom Shop and Custom Shop Relic / Heavy Relic Series of the main manufacturers, to obtain these shoulder straps we have added special washing and drying processes that also use stones and rocks. We have thus given the surface of the leather an aged look that is nothing short of wonderful. The color shades obtained are unique, characterize each specimen making it visibly recognizable even among 1000 shoulder bags of the same model.

A refined line that makes the shoulder bag a real creation with a high design value.