We think passion for music is one of the more strong and engaging experiences that every person can live.
We work with commitment and creativity, helping to spread and promote it, using genuine and high quality raw materials, high quality leather products realized with ecological productive processes, certified and 100% made in Italy.
We craft by our own hands the guitar straps and the accessorizes, unique objects, with an unmistakable Italian style, so that they can accompany you better, always

How Magrabò was born

It was already written in our childishness 

since we were  boys, when playing in cellars, in garages or our attics, the love for music was really connected to the love for instrument we held tight in our hands with which we created “ our music”.
After  the fun to play together, another enjoying activity was that to find out the better way to improve the personal set-up.
Here, at that point, the inspiration, the spark.
Remebering these moments we realized how, in the recent decades, due attention has not been given to an accessories so important as the strap.

Magrabò enhance the concept of High Quality Strap for guitars and basses

A fundamental accessorize with a technical and ergonomic importance, whose aesthetic and stylistic communication value must be recognized 
The cultural heritage of the musical instrument must be "supported" with something equally valid and precious, which can not only "support" but enhance the synergy that is created between a musician and his instrument when they vibrate together!

With Music in the Heart

With our creation we communicate something unique, something that we italians have always had, because it is a part of what we are.

It is vision, style, passion for beauty. Something impalpable but tangible at the same time as music.
When we think about music, we see it as a non-physcal place but present, where to experience this art with quality.
Same beauty standards and excellence inspire our work and the Magrabò creations.

A value, cultivated overtime by a team of professionists : women and men working together love music and they always lived it.

Craft Creations

A synthesis of excellence that comes from the encounter between the culture of artisan beauty and passion for the art of music.

We thought about musician and music fans and we wanted to create accessories that match the art of everyone.

Each Magrabò straps is designed and built on an artisan model; with passion and meticulousness we cut and sew our straps because we like to think that excellence passes through these values ​​of quality, beauty and Italian spirit.
Made in Italy real and aware. All our production is made in Italy. Not by chance, but by choice and will, heart and intent. We wanted to identify our straps with a true, emotional and unique “handmade”.

Music and the artisan workshop, leather and shopkeeper art, we chose them to create products from which emotions and sensations are born that always accompany the artist.

Materials and Finishes

Choice and processing of the leather tell a story, unique, that of the craftsman before and that of the artist after.

We choose with care and great responsibility the leather used for our straps and our accessories.
Only genuine Italian leather, worked with craftsmanship, to ensure unique and long-lasting creation.

A synergy of intent with the Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany led us to create dedicated straps marked with the symbol of the Tuscan consortium: an open hand.

Vegetable tanned leather absorbs our traces, changes, becomes colored with the passage of time as a declaration of naturalness and truth.

Style and Design

A creative smithery of design and craftsmanship at the service of music and the magic it creates.

We imprint on each strap a story, an identity with which we create beauty and value.
In the Magrabò Style Lab we put all our know-how to good use, dealing directly with the technical and creative development of our creations, with design and communication (offline and online).
This flexibility allows us to concretely help our customers in the development of customization requests.

The Magrabò Style Lab is continuously studying new products and accessories interpreted according to our style.

The study of finishes and different processes are fundamental for the development of unique but versatile straps for guitar and bass to be successfully combined with most of the instruments on the market.
We collaborate with artists and designers to evolve each creation in value and give the artist a story to wear and rewrite on stage.