The characteristic vintage effect of a Magrabò shoulder bag can only be found in the Stone Washed shoulder bags…


To produce the HS Stone Washed straps, Magrabò uses the highest quality leathers with Vegetable Tanning Certified in Tuscany for the upper part of the strap, while for the lower part suede is used to make the strap ergonomic and stable during performance.

The vegetable tanned leather allows the strap to adapt to the musician's body thanks to its typical "thermoforming" characteristic.

This feature allows the strap to acquire a greater support surface in the player's shoulder, making the instrument lighter during performances.

The suede allows excellent stability of the instrument thanks to greater adherence to the shoulder.

To create the Stone Washed straps, Magrabò has a recipe.

Pair the hides as sandwiches, add a reinforcing layer between the two.

Individually cut and sew each strap.
He washes them with stones and rocks and polishes them with a special protective cream.






Subsequently, the Stone Washed process involves washing in a barrel with stones and rocks.

The straps are washed with water and stones by rotating inside a special washing machine.

The rocks damage the surface of the skin, giving, once the wash is finished, unique shades and marks in each piece.
When drying is complete, a protective cream is passed over the strap which rehydrates and polishes it.

At the end of the polishing, the edges of the straps are chamfered and finished by hand with specific products.

The Stone Washed straps bear exclusive and original signs of wear and beauty.


An unprecedented product