Magrabò is an Italian artisan excellence.

Cit. Friso Luca

The seam

Sewing is one of the fundamental steps for HS, BS, TS, and KS straps.
Once coupled, the leather is cut and then sewn.
The stitching varies from piece to piece and the type of leather influences this a lot.
Looking at different straps, you can see how the stitching is unique in each piece. 

Vegetable Tanned leather is a very varied leather.
Some pieces come out soft from the tanneries while others are more rigid.
For example, in an HS Intreccio strap, the stiffness of the leather printing makes the thread follow the curves of the leather, composing a unique and unrepeatable stitching line.

The uniqueness of the Magrabò straps is also characterized by their manufacture.
Our stitching is not automated, but manual.
In this way it becomes a fundamental process to differentiate each piece. The musician can thus choose his personal strap, knowing that no other specimens will be identical to his, despite being the same product as the line. 


The material

The sewn lines, HS, BS, TS, KS, are produced by combining Italian leather, the Certified Vegetable Tanning Leather in Tuscany, or top quality Italian leather with industrial tanning, with Italian suede, replaceable, on request, with leather.

The Magrabò Style Lab is always open to new ideas and projects.
In our laboratory we also dedicate ourselves to the creation of customizations that are requested from us based on the needs of the musician.

To request a personalization

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Call the number 3351242674

The Magrabo Style Lab will be grateful to be able to satisfy all needs in the best way!