Vegetable tanning is a process that comes from nature and returns to nature in full harmony.

For its products Magrabò uses 100% Made in Italy raw materials. The finest guitar straps are produced using the Certified Tuscan Vegetable Tanned Leather. Vegetable tanning leather comes from the most ancient knowledge and primitive tanning processes, handed down from 1500 AD. Vegetable Tanning leather is worked entirely with the use of tannins, coming from trees and plants.

Vegetable tanned leather is processed in the absence of harmful chemicals. Identifiable by the registered trademark of the Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany, it guarantees the absence of toxic substances, such as azo dyes, nickel or pentachlorophenol and chromium VI, harmful not only for humans but also for the environment.

Thanks to the tannins (fundamental during the production process), tanned leather acquires the characteristic of uniqueness that makes it distinguishable at a glance. No leather is the same as the other and this means that its interpretations in shapes and designs are enriched by the variety and personality of the material: a particular and subtle charm that is transmitted to the finished product and to the wearer. Finally, the consumer who is attentive to quality and environmental protection has a brand to refer to when purchasing leather products.

Choosing a Magrabò product made with this leather means having an article that is the expression of a unique and unrepeatable philosophy and lifestyle.

The guitar straps with vegetable tanned leather acquire superior ergonomic and comfort features compared to an industrially tanned leather strap.

Vegetable leather after the tanning process remains "alive" and this means that the strap, once worn, acquires the shape of the shoulder and adapts perfectly to the body of the musician.

The quality of Magrabò guitar straps has a controlled and certified supply chain, guaranteed by the "open hand" seal of the Certified Vegetable Tanning Leather Consortium in Tuscany ".