During a holiday in central Italy, my passion for guitars does not give me peace, I entered a tool shop attracted by a Stratocaster wall that I had rarely seen.

Upon passing the door, however, a perfume caught my attention as if a beautiful woman had passed by me.

I turn around and see, in the accessories area, a display full of leather shoulder straps, one more beautiful than the other.

I inquire and I am told that they are Magrabò guitar and bass straps

I had only begun to scratch the surface of an incredible company that makes art and quality the fundamental values ​​of its brand.”

So Guitartechnician, blog dedicated to musical instruments and musicians, begins to review our Brand

For us it is an honor and a joy to be able to transmit what we commit ourselves every day to building with our work and our professionalism, guided by the passion we have for music.

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