Our network of shops makes available to the musician
a unique and conscious shopping experience.
Combined with the instrument, the Magrabò straps
they add value to the passion and taste of making music.

Why become a reseller Magrabò?

Commercial policies to protect the retailer

Business Shared from Producer to Reseller

Offer high quality Made in Italy accessories

Design and Artisan Production Laboratory at your service

Services dedicated to the Point of Sale

Testimonials: a guarantee of Magrabò quality


With a policy aimed at creating a shared business, we have a direct Manufacturer - Reseller relationship

With Magrabò you have the opportunity to offer a safe, comfortable and high quality accessory, capable of giving the customer who enters your store a different, unique and valuable experience.

The commercial policy is designed to protect the relationship with our retailer, with whom we share and promote the value of our Made in Italy of Quality

Magrabò also provides additional services for you and your customers, such as Personalization services, B2B Reseller Access, Drop Shipping, e-commerce connection.

Oddo and Francesca, together with the Agent Network, are available at any time, to support the sale or simply to recommend the best accessories, tailored for the shop and for your customers


The musician seeks perfection, the ideal combination of his instrument.
At the same time he wants to be reassured about an accessory that offers maximum usability and comfort.
As for the guitar, in which woods, colors, finishes are carefully chosen, in the same way we look for the quality and exclusivity of the raw material and the processes with which we transform it.
In Magrabò we personally choose the leather finishes, creating a mix of unique, visually appealing and effective colors.

Thanks to the attention we dedicate to our creations, the musician lives a conscious shopping experience, feeling satisfied and gratified, expressing himself through the choice of the perfect shoulder strap, which reflects his characteristics.
Inside the store, the musician physically perceives all the Magrabò values, from the design, to the quality of the finishes of our shoulder straps, their functionality to the unmistakable scent of the leather.


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