Values & Beliefs

/Values & Beliefs

Handicraft Creations

The excellence of our creations comes from the encounter between the beauty of traditional craftsmanship culture, and the passion for arts and music.

We have thought about musicians and about everyone who has a passion for music, in order to create accessories that are up to everyone’s talent.

Each Magrabò Strap is conceived and created with an artisanal method of production. We sew and cut our straps with passion and accuracy, because we like to think that the road to excellence goes through values such as quality, beauty, and Italian identity.

Real and conscious Made in Italy. Our entire production is made in Italy. It is no coincidence, we do that on purpose guided by our hearts. We want to identify our straps with an authentic, emotional, and unique “hand-made”.

In our design workshop we create products through the mix of craftsmanship, leather and music. Our outcomes are capable of arousing sensations and emotions that have always accompanied the artists.

Materials and processings

The Selection and the processing of leather encompass the unique history of traditional craftsmanship and of the artist.

We carefully choose the leather for our Straps and for our accessories. Only Italian genuine leather, that is processed with masterful craftsmanship to ensure unique and long-lasting creations. A synergy of ideas with the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany has led us to create specific Straps, marked with the symbol of the Tuscan consortium :an open hand. Vegetable-Tanned Leather absorbs the traces of our life, it reveals the signs of time and use as the most personal expression of naturalness and truth.

100% Made in Italy, hand-crafted leather processed with traditional artisanal techniques which guarantee very different aesthetic results.
Embossed is a technique which consists in stamping a pattern onto the leather to enhance its material aspect.
Paint is a technique which consists in decorating and embellishing Straps with pictures and brush strokes made by the expert hand of our artists and designers.
Stone Washed gives to the Straps a vintage aspect through an aging process which consists in washing and drying the leather producing a color shading that perfectly reproduces a unique, recognizable, worn-effect.
Print is a printing technique which by using high quality materials gives musicians the opportunity to customize the strap.
Texture is a technique which gives the Strap a material aspect and a “full bodied-look” , including different visual and aesthetic effects.

Design and style

A hive of design creativity and expert craftsmen who work at the service of music and of its magic.

Inside each Strap there’s a story, an identity with which we create beauty and value

In Magrabò Style Lab we make the most of our know-how, we directly take care of technical and creative development, design and communication(online and offline).This flexibility enables us to provide practical help for our customers working together to meet customization needs.

Magrabò Style Lab and its members are continuously working on new products and accessories closely following the Magrabò lifestyle.

The study of leather finishes and different processing are fundamental for the development of unique and versatile guitar and bass straps. This versatility allows to match them with the vast majority of guitar and basses available on the market.
We collaborate with artists and designers to turn each creation into real added value, to give the musician “a tale to wear and rewrite on stage”.

Why the name Magrabò?

We came up with a unique name that has a strong reference to the magic imaginary world. In fact the music is like this, it creates magic and spiritual atmosphere of rare intensity, it opens up our mind to pleasant, surreal as well as poetics emotions and sensations. The same feelings that we would like to experience by wearing a new Magrabò Strap.

How Magrabò got started

It was already written in our boyish pranks.
Since we were kids. in our “garage phase” of playing, our love for music was intrinsically linked to our love for the instrument we held in our hands and with which we created our songs.

We had fun not only playing together but also looking for the best way to improve our set-up.
We drew our ispiration from this moments.

Looking back over the time we have realized that we never spent enough time thinking about one of the most important pieces of gear a guitarist can have : the shoulder strap.

Magrabò was created to redefine and update the concept of High-Quality Bass and Guitar Straps: an accessory of fundamental technical, ergonomic, aesthetic and stylistic importance.

The musical instruments cultural heritage must be sustained with something equally valuable and precious. Our straps will not only “support” you instrument, they will also enhance and “magnify the magic created by you –the musician- and your instrument when you play together!”

With music in our hearts

We communicate something unique through our creations, something that we Italians have always had because it is part of who we are.
We have visions, style and a passion for beautiful things.. Something that is impalpable but always present like the music.

We think about music as a present non-physical place, where we literally experience the finest form of art. The same standards of beauty and excellence inspire our work and our Magrabò creations.

Our team of professionals has for a long time now cultivated this value: people who work for Magrabò have always loved and experienced music.