Sandro Picollo

/Sandro Picollo

Photo credits: Settimio Benedusi


Versatile guitarist for 6 years he has worked with Drupi both live and in the studio and on television.


He has been working as a musical accompanist for 15 years with the imitator Deejay Radio and Colorado: Claudio Lauretta.

Sandro Picollo, versatile guitarist for 6 years was the guitarist with Drupi with whom he collaborated both live and in the studio and on television in numerous broadcasts.

Studio guitarist for commercial jingles and dance orchestras – Sandro undertaken for 15 years a successful collaboration path as musical accompanist and shoulder of the impersonator for Radio Deejay and Colorado (on Italia 1 TV), Claudio Lauretta.

Sandro continues his collaboration in the studio as a session musician and co-author of theatrical performances.

He currently does an average of 100 shows a year!