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Short bio

He is working on different projects and musical collaborations.

He has received different awards and recognitions.


He took part in Area Sanremo, and started collaborating with Umberto Iervolino.

My artistic journey started when I was young following my grandfather passion (musician in the band of his town). I started playing the trumpet and the piano, but only later I decided to study and devote myself to the guitar.

I have started my journey as a guitarist studying with private teachers and later undertaking a course dedicated to the study of Jazz/Blues and Hard Rock at the Lizard Academy located in Palermo.

I have almost always been accompanied by my band, founded in 2010 together with my brother. Before we focused on published songs, but later the passion for creating took-over and my unpublished works started to be my companions along the pathway.

My pieces talk about social issues, but also about identity and universal roles.
A strong sensibility towards delicate topics such as mafia, abandonment, distance and memories, key issues for young people but also common thoughts to a generation that is very often underestimated.

This is my greatest passion, to tell an intense everyday life, made of characters, events, and crucial moments.

I have received different prizes along my path:

  • Best guitar in different contests and festivals
  • He won “Vittoria 14° Lennon festival”
  • It was rewarded as the best lyrics and performer in various Sicilian festivals
  • Final of the Tour Music Fest in Rome
  • Record prize awarded by Pico Cibelli, Marcello Balestra, Stefano Senardi
  • “Spada d’oro” award
  • Sanremo in Vetrina” (Contest undertaken directly by Sanremo and promoted by radio)
  • He participated in Area Sanremo 2014 and was between the 40 finalists, and later his song entered Area Sanremo Compilation.

After the Sanremo Experience he has started collaborating with Umberto Iervolino on a project that will be presented in a short time.
I keep on studying the instrument deepening the study of the blues with the bottleneck (slide) and lap steel guitar.

I have started different collaboration as a unique artist in Italy for B&G guitars, Magrabo, tc electronic, G7 capo, Supro…

Currently I am working on various projects and musical collaborations both personal and in quality of guitarist.