Enrico Santacatterina

/Enrico Santacatterina

Ph.: Marco Lincetto

Born in Padova in June 1962, started his journey in music business in 1983 with various musical collaboration, in Italy and around the world.

Former member of the band FARD, he published several singles on EMI e CGD labels,”Chiamami da Tokyo” and “Hello DeeJay” hit the top on the dance charts  following intensive Tv appearance and Radio airplay. After a couple of years touring Europe with differents bands, He decided to get back in Italy and to live in Rome, focusing on the records business, working for prestigious Jazz label GALA, in Italy and LabelBleu e VERVE, recording and   producing CDs of a number of Italian Jazz artists like: Enrico Rava, Roberto Gatto, Maurizio Giammarco, Franco D’Andrea, Umberto Fiorentino, Nico Stufano, Francesco Bruno,  Enrico Pierannunzi, Romano Mussolini, as well as international  artists like Dizzy Gillespie, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Paul Bley, Lee Konitz, Richie Havens, Richard Galliano, London Community Gospel Choir, Crystal White, Lena Philipsson  and many others. Even if not properly a jazz musician he partecipated with his acclaimed band “Bass Revolution” at the ’89 e ’90 editions of the world famous festival “Umbria Jazz”

Various are also the collaborations in the  Pop music scene with artits like Mia Martini, Tullio De Piscopo, Rossana Casale, Pooh, Mango, Gegè Telesforo,Oro, rising the top  of the Scandinavian charts with the Swedish danceband Arvingarna.

In 2005  joined the historic Italian band “ I Giganti” an icon of the band from the sixties, touring Italy intensively, he partecipated at the Sanremo Festival  and other various TV shows and produced a new CD and DVD of the band.

In 2010 he started his collaboration with Riccardo Fogli and Venice Band doing several national tours in Russia, Kazakistan, and other eastern countryes and performing at Russian Tv mega show “AutoRadio” in front of 35.000 people present at Olimpisky Stadium and 80.000.000 attending the show on TV. .

In 2014 join the new international project “Hit Italy”

In 2017 he met producer/sound engineer Siggi Bemm while working on drummer Tony Liotta’s new album. With Siggi Bemm he teamed in 2018 to produce the Mr.E “Welcomke to the Funkodrome” project.

In 2018 published with Azzurra Music his new album “Mendicante” with lyrics by Roberto Centazzo.

He has always collaborated with various musical instruments brands and distributors, supporting products and brands like: Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez, Alembic, Steinberger, Fernandez, Manne, Hagstrom, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Engl, Laney, Line 6, Sterling by Music Man, Hughes & Kettner, XoX Audio Tool. Actually he plays LANEY  tube amps and IBANEZ guitars and basses, ZOOM effects,  BOSS/ROLAND effects & synth, GODIN acoustic guitars and is  official trainer for SHURE microphones, doing demos and seminars playing with artists like Billy Sheehan, Earl Slick, Shane Gibson, Stevie Salas, Femy Demovo, Tony Liotta, just to name a few.

In the last 3 years He’s been invited by New York University in Abu Dhabi to do masterclasses and studio sessions.