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Synergy, determination, and passion unit these musicians, whose stage presence and vibrant physicality fill the space during their Lives.


The band was founded : the first and the only European all female Iron Maiden tribute band!


They took part in Women in Rock Festival in the Netherlands and the following year in the GNZ festival in Slovenia.


They took part in Maiden Day to the Rock n’ Roll Arena of Romagnano Sesia.

DIAMOND BEAST is a project born in 2008 it represents the first “all female” European tribute to the most famous heavy metal band: Iron Maiden

The current line up has been active since July 2015. Diamond Beast are able to make a unique live show, linking entertainment and adrenaline without missing technical or musical aspects.
In 2010 the Diamond Beast took part in the Women in Rock Festival in the Netherlands, and in 2011 they have returned in this country for a mini-tour of 3 dates.
In 2011 they took part in GNZ Festival in Slovenia , and in 2012 participated in the Maiden Day in the Arena of Romagnolo Sesia, while in the summer of 2014 they had the pleasure of performing in the Metal Festival in Austria.
Synergy, determination, and passion that unit the musicians, whose stage presence and vibrant physicality fill the space during their Lives, combining the purely musical aspect with the artistic aspect of the real show.
The Diamond Beast not only play their musical instruments but also bring to the stage their personality, their artistic identities and “the scratch of their music”.
Sexy, passionates, and talented.
The band is composed by 5 women:
ELY GARBO: lead & rhythm guitar
GRACE: lead & rhythm guitar
LAURA MATTIUZZO: bass & backing vocals