La Concia al Vegetale

Per i suoi prodotti Magrabo’ utilizza materie prime di alta qualità e 100% Made in Italy. Le tracolle più pregiate vengono prodotte utilizzando la pelle in Concia la Vegetale Toscana Certificata. La pelle in Concia al Vegetale proviene dai più antichi saperi e dalle primitive lavorazioni di concia, tramandate dal 1500 d.C. La concia al vegetale è una lavorazione che nasce dalla natura e alla natura ritorna in piena armonia. La pelle in Concia al Vegetale viene lavorata interamente con l’utilizzo di tannini, provenienti

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Magrabò goes at the SGH MusicShow

We will be present at the MusicShow to introduce our Brand and spend two days entirely dedicated to music. Visit us in the Turquoise room. For all information concerning the event details visit the website of the event: ————————————————————— For 25 years SHG Musicshow has been the unique Italian expositive event regarding the musical instruments sector well-known at international level. The exposition is the core of the event, it covers 2 floors of the MiCo, with a total surface area of

Tracolla Magrabò

HS Aged 959 Guitar Strap

This is only the first of a series of videos with the purpose to deepen the knowledge of our professional straps realized with high quality materials and through the use of completely artisanal techniques. Magrabò is passion for music and our straps are destined to all who share the same passion. Particular thanks are owed to Luca Colombo. Besides being among the first musicians who have trusted us, he has allowed us to use his FUKU (Sunderland) for the soundtrack of