A Giant Leap: 50 years of man on moon

//A Giant Leap: 50 years of man on moon

Magrabò pays tribute to the men of Apollo 11 landed on the moon!

With the new limited edition Art Print Moon Limited guitar straps series!

Magrabò presents two new exclusive guitar straps, made in a numbered edition and limited to 50 copies.
Space and Music have always been closely connected. The examples in this regard are manifold.
In Space research activities, Music has often had a prominent place, just as in the field of art (cinema, music, painting, literature, etc.) Space and its exploration have always played an important role.

How many Songs and Musical Videoclips, Film Soundtracks dedicated to the Moon or Space do we know?
There are so many!

Magrabò, thanks to the illustrations made by the young designer Pacospizza (aka Francesco Mangione), proposes the celebration of the most important spatial achievement of the 20th century with two shoulder bags with a personal and sober style.

Characterized by the proverbial Magrabò quality, these guitar and bass straps are produced in 8 cm width. with very high quality Italian leather.
Digital printing is made with the latest technology.
The stitching and the side finish are all done strictly by hand.
Available 50 numbered pieces for each model, which can be ordered from the website or from our authorized dealers

Available in various models and colors, like all Magrabò series, you can also customize your Stripe SC Cotton:
Choose the Stripe Cotton terminal among the leather finishes: Core, Embossed, Metallic, Aged, Paint and Print; the plaque and the ring in aged Brass or aged Silver.

Request a specific information by writing to info@magrabo.it

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