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Tracolla Magrabò

HS Aged 959 Guitar Strap

This is only the first of a series of videos with the purpose to deepen the knowledge of our professional straps realized with high quality materials and through the use of completely artisanal techniques. Magrabò is passion for music and our straps are destined to all who share the same passion. Particular thanks are owed to Luca Colombo. Besides being among the first musicians who have trusted us, he has allowed us to use his FUKU (Sunderland) for the soundtrack of

Marino Alberti

The video of our new friend Marino Alberti

Marino Alberti is a young promising singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and he is the new Magrabò friend. In the new video “ Marino, come stai?” he is wearing his Magrabò ARTIST PRIVATE STOCK Strap, hand-painted for him. In the video Marino also wears a beautiful Brown Stone Washed Strap. Magrabò thus continues to accompany his friends on stage and during their artistic performances.

Tracolle Chitarra e Basso

Music Center Davoli in Parma

New Magrabò point of sale in Parma Music Center Davoli located in Parma is a big exhibition space dedicated to music, instruments, and musical accessories for music enthusiasts and musicians. The store is located in Via G. Tartini, 3 We’re honored that Music center Davoli Parma has chosen the quality of our creations. Magrabò 100% Made in Italy!