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Music In San Marino

We have chosen quality, tradition and experience. We have chosen Music In to be our new dealer. The shop is located in the ancient Republic of San Marino, MUSIC IN for more than 30 years has been the reference point for the sale of musical instruments. The store is on 4 floors with more than 700 square meters of exhibition area. Each floor shows all types of musical instruments from drums to acoustic pianos, from wind instruments to guitars and basses. Now in the

Spazio Musica in Pesaro

A Store dedicated to all music lovers, professionals and enthusiasts. Music is the absolute protagonist of this store of instruments and accesories, located in Pesaro “Strada Montefeltro”. Spazio Musica is the new dealer of Magrabò creations: from Bass and guitar straps to the very new pick pouches. The store is full of music and instruments : each and every corner of this store communicates passion for music and culture of the musical instruments. A youthful and dynamic environment, as well as the two owners,


We like to think that Genuine Leather is memory, experience, and history. Vintage for us is also this, the experience that each musician has in its repertory, in its instrument, in its music. The past personal experience is “sewn” day by day with patience, perseverance and passion and especially professionalism. This is reflected not only in Magrabò Straps, whose craftsmanship pays attention to details with careful precision and patient gesture, but is also impressed in the leather from which straps are made. The new

Genuine Leather Pick Pouches

Magrabò design reinterprets one of the most important accessories for each musician. Here the classic pick pouches are transformed into a creation with a high aesthetic and functional value since they have been realized with high quality leather and great details. Magrabò pick pouches are not only common accessories, but they become protagonists of the musician look because they are coordinated with our Guitar Straps. These pick pouches are realized with the same high quality leather and can be coupled with the